Communication/Messaging Tools and Patterns between Microservices

When it is designed, microservice, required to remember that other services will need to integrate with it. There is no general best style of communication that should be used. In practice, we need to find the best solutions for the problem at hand. In this post, we’re discussing different approaches and technologies used in designing the communication between microservices, shading light on the most common communication services provided by AWS, trying to make preferences towards the different patterns and services taking different factors into the consideration. Communication Patterns In this section, let’s introduce you to the two major communication patterns … Continue reading Communication/Messaging Tools and Patterns between Microservices

AWS Batch Jobs — An Overview

AWS Batch enables you to run batch computing workloads on the AWS Cloud. This service can automatically provision compute resources and optimizes the workload distribution based on the quantity and scale of the workloads. Related Definitions Jobs: A unit of work (such as a shell script, a Linux executable, or a Docker container image) that you submit to AWS Batch. It runs as a containerized application on an Amazon EC2 instance in your computing environment, using parameters that you specify in a job definition. Container images are stored in and pulled from container registries. Job Definitions: specifies how jobs are … Continue reading AWS Batch Jobs — An Overview